Saturday, 5 February 2011

This is worrying :-(

Author Leigh Russell talks about the imminent closure of 20 Waterstone's stores throughout the UK. A worrying prospect for authors, a sad day for readers.


David Barber said...

Hi Matt. I've just left a comment over there. It's a disgrace. I blame everyone who has purchased an e-reader. Those things will be the death of the 'paper' novel, let alone bookstores. 99 cents for a downloadable novel! How can that possibly make anybody any money? And that certainly cuts out the bookstore!

When people were asking on their blogs: do you prefer books or e-readers? Do you have an e-reader? etc, etc. This current situation is exactly why e-readers should be shoved up their owners arses!!!!

Sue H said...

It's all so we can worship the great god AMAZON! They undercut normal production/distribution cosdts then, once they get rid of any competition, they'll belt the prices of books back up through the roof!

I don't like e-readers either! But, when the oil starts to run out and electricity is rationed perhaps that 'old-fashioned' idea of holding a paper book in your hands and turning the pages in the light of your solitary candle might return....