Thursday, 3 February 2011

Joe Hunter 5 Live!

There has been a little confusion over the publication date of Joe Hunter 5 - Blood and Ashes - and with it a little to-ing and fro-ing as I've attempted to re-juggle the date and the events surrounding it.

As you might recall it was originally slated for release today, but marketing decisions put back publication until the 17th February. Well, it appears that other marketing decisions have been made and the publication shoved forward again until TODAY.

Yes. Blood and Ashes is now available on general sale throughout the UK!!

So, all you good people who have been waiting for Joe's next high-octane thriller, it's out there now just waiting for you to go grab a copy.

Sorry about the confusion, but it was a situation totally out of my hands. Because I was under the impression it was still a full fortnight away, I have booked a venue for the book launch, and it will still go ahead on Thursday 17th February as planned. For anyone coming along it starts 7 pm at The Merienda, Treasury Court, Carlisle.

Hardback edition from Hodder and Stoughton

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