Saturday, 27 November 2010

Off My Bookshelf

At this time of year, many people out in the blogosphere start making their 'best of' lists, and often the books that make the lists are dominated by the big hitters. My reading this year has primarily been dominated by authors that I admire, alongside authors that I have grown to admire in a very short period.

I'm a huge fan of John Connolly, Robert Crais, Jack (J.A.) Kerley, Dean Koontz etc, and will read and enjoy their books every time, as do many thousands of others, therefore when thinking about the best books I've read this year, I decided to go with the books that might not have been spotted by everyone yet and give these lesser known authors a nudge up the ladder (hopefully).

So in no particular order and without further ado:

Books I'd recommend to you the reader are...

Free Country by Jeremy Duns
Spy thriller

Deadlock by Sean Black
Crime thriller

The Interrogator by J J Cooper
Spy/military thriller

The Twelve by Stuart Neville
crime thriller/supernatural

Nightfall by Stephen Leather
Crime thriller/supernatural

Switch by Grant McKenzie
Crime thriller

Red Station by Adrian Magson
Spy thriller

Mr Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett
Supernatural thriller

These are my stand out choices of the books I've read this year (off the bookshelves). I've also had the honour of reading a few books in manuscript form - including Thorn in my Side by Sheila Quigley, Revenge School by Myles Knapp, Dead Beat by Remy Porter, and these are all books I would recommend to anyone.

I hope you decide to pick up a couple of these books (remember that Christmas is coming and books make ideal presents), as well as hope you continue to pick up my Joe Hunter series.

Happy reading, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



Michael Malone said...

Good man, Matt. Some I've read and others to look out for.

David Barber said...

Some more for my TBR pile. Just started C&R as well!

I stumbled upon Tess Gerritsen this year and she's a fantastic writer.

Thanks Matt.

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Michael,
yeah, I stand by them all as excellent books. Some of the supernatural stuff might not appeal to all, but it's not out and out fantasy/horror in most I mention, just a hint of the darker side. The kind of stuff I grew up on and love.

Reading Jeremy Duns, Adrian Magson and J J Cooper has given me a new appreciation of the spy thriller genre, that I haven't really followed since reading the Bourne trilogy (fifteen years ago or so) and David Morrell's Brotherhood of the Rose trilogy (much the same time) - so it has been a real joy.

Sean Black and Grant McKenzie's books are tough action thrillers (yup, just the type I love reading and writing) and will be enjoyed by anyone who reads my books.

Hi David,
hope you like Cut and Run. It certainly seems to be hitting a cord with my readers, and some tell me it's the best yet. All subjective, I guess, but I hope you enjoy it as much. And, yeah, I agree: Tess is a superb writer.

Michael Malone said...

I love a wee bit of the supernatural. John Connolly does it so well. And nice to see David Morrell getting a mention. The man's an under-appreciated thriller writing genius.

Col Bury said...

Great shouts, Matt. Then I saw 'Revenge Club' - the working title I had for the sequel I'm writing! Hey-ho, back to the drawing board. :)

Matt Hilton said...
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Matt Hilton said...
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Matt Hilton said...

Third time's the charm, hopefully.

I agree on both counts, Michael.

JC is my current fave.

DM is the 'Master'.

Col, that was my boob. Myles' book is Revenge SCHOOL, so you're OK. I must have been thinking of your title when writing the original entry. So no worries, bud. Revenge Club's all yours!

Col Bury said...

Cool, unless someone nick's it! But I guess it's dated here so...

David Barber said...

Matt, Col - Do authors have copyright on book titles?? Fair enough the stories, but titles would be a bit much. Anyway Col, I'm a witness that I saw it on here!!!!

Col Bury said...

No they don't, Dave. It just, wouldn't be as effective, a tad confusing n not so cool. I'll hold you to that witness comment though. :)

DeAndre Robinson said...

Those are some good recommendations Matt I'll have to check those guys out. I'm finishing up Sean Black's Lockdown at the moment and I should be starting Deadlock soon.

Matt Hilton said...

To agree with Col...there is no copyright on titles, but it can prove awkward if you name a book the same as another that's out at the same time.

Occasionally I will look at some of the book retailers and see that my CUT and RUN carries the blurb of Jeff Abbott's Cut and Run, so it could cause confusion.

Although I'm thinking about naming my next book "Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Twilight Code" to see if it helps push extra sales! ;-)

Hey, DeAndre! I trust you're enjoying Sean's books. Good solid action and cool characters.