Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Mistress of Murder

Since I got 'the deal' I've had the great fortune of meeting many writers who I have admired for years and who have been very kind and forthcoming in 'showing me the ropes'. It has come to my notice that the crime writers of the world are a solid bunch who are easy going, open and willing to help each other out. One such writer is Sheila Quigley, author of the Seahills series of gritty northern crime books, the most recent of which is THE ROAD TO HELL. Sheila is not only a great writer, she's also a lovely woman with the most infectious laughter you could ever hear. Any way, paying forward the help and advice that Sheila has given me, I'd like to share Sheila's story with my readers. I think - especially if you are an aspiring writer - you can see that adversity isn't something that should hold you back. I think you'll find Sheila's tale inspirational. Follow the link above to read a piece about her in the Sunderland Echo.


Col Bury said...

Truly inspiring.
I've had the pleasure of meeting Sheila and found her to be extremely helpful. And, Matt, you're so right about that laugh. I can still hear it now!
Top lady, top writer.

Sue H said...

Thanks for alerting us to that! What an amazing story. Good luck to her, I say! And such an inspiration to keep on 'keeping on'!

Matt Hilton said...

Hey, i forgot to mention that Sheila is now doing a monthly column at the Sunderland Echo. She rounds off the column with a quick review of the books she's read. For Xmas she got DMD and JAW, so guess whose books got a mention. All good stuff.

Sue H said...

She sounds like a really nice person, Matt.

I'll have to try some of her books!!

Glaznost said...

Very, very inspiring stuff. Makes me realise that patience is indeed a virtue, wish i had some!