Thursday, 7 January 2010

CRIMEFEST 2010 is coming.

We're already into the new year and hotting up for another year of writing, writing and more writing, as well as setting off on the publicity trail. One of the events I'm looking forward to is the next CRIMEFEST which is taking place in Bristol Thursday 20th until Sunday 23rd May. I've just added a link to Crimefest 2010 in the sidebar to make it easy for anyone considering attending.

For all you aspiring crime novelists out there who are at that point where they are thinking of approaching an agent, then take a look at the PITCH AN AGENT session on Thursday 20th May. It's like a 10 minute speed-dating session with a top agent where you get the opportunity to 'display your wares' and hopefully interest them enough to pick you up. It's maybe an opportunity you would otherwise miss if sending out the standard enquiry letter.


Lee Hughes said...

That speed dating an agent sounds cool. Wonder if anyone's got enough sack to sit down and put a partial manuscript on the table and a bullet next to it and say, "You're leaving with one of these things this evening, I'll let you do the choosing. Oh, almost forgot, five percent works better for me."

Matt Hilton said...

Now there's a plot for a short story if ever I heard one.

By the way, hold out for nothing less than 15 per cent, or you just hand it all away to the tax man.

Col Bury said...

LO-very f**kin-L!!!)


Actually scrub all talk of writing n try to woo the agent onto a proper date!!!