Friday, 2 January 2009

Welcome to the future

Is it me? When I was a lad (not really that long ago when compared to the age of the universe) I envisioned the year 2000 as the year when we'd be all wearing silver jump suits, flying around in hover cars and eating dehydrated food cubes that required only zapping in a machine (OKAY, so we do have them, they're called micro-noodles), and yet here we are all the way into 2009. I can't believe that we're in the future all ready. It's still very surreal. But I'm very, very happy. 2009 is the year that I will finally see publication of my first book. It seems like an age since I got the big YES from a publisher, and now I'm only four and a bit months away. The book comes out from Hodder on the 14th May. I don't have to add the year each time I write that now - fan-flipping-tastic! Only 19 weeks.

Something wicked this way comes.



Col B said...

Matt, Exciting year ahead for you, mate. You're post reminded me of Space 1999 I used to watch as a kid, but you also surprise me... I've just finished work, parked up the hover-car and slipped into my silver jump suit. A routine I've been doing for years here in Manchester. Have these every day things not reached Cumbria yet?
Ps. I can't wait for my hols this year, either: I know it lacks atmosphere, but I believe there's great views on the moon!!!

Matt Hilton Author said...

Plenty of silver suits over by Sellafield but that's about it. The cars hover on bricks(but it's been like that since the seventies)and we get great views of the moon once a year when it stops raining.