Sunday, 4 January 2009

DMD on Beattiesbookblog

My book also gets a mention here on the respected book review blog Beattiesbookblog. Why not take a look at the full article.

In the meantime, Mr Beattie said :

Crime/thriller writers tend to be especially prolific for some reason. Michael Connelly has two new titles on offer this year as do Janet Evanovich, Jonathan Kellerman and Ian Rankin who will be introducing readers to a brand new series to replace the retired Rebus. There will also be offerings from all the usual suspects; John Grisham, Jeffrey Deaver etc. and a book called Dead Men’s Dust about a vigilante hero from newcomer Matt Hilton who’s being heralded as the next big thing in thriller writing – think Lee Child crossed with Richard Patterson but better apparently.

Actually, on second viewing, I now realise that this story was taken from a piece by Nicky Pellegrino from The Herals On Sunday 4th january 2009, but it was still very nice of Mr. Beattie to include it in his blog.


Col B said...

Great praise indeed, Matt. You must be buzzing being compared with such distinguished authors. Or should this be the other way around!?
I like the 'but better apparently' comment. 'Get in!!!'

Matt Hilton Author said...

I was very excited to read this, but also not a little terrified and humbled. Both writers are greats and I respect them massively and would never compare myself so blatantly. It makes me fear that some people/readers may get into a debate (it's all hype, he's crap - that kind of thing)that turns people off buying the book. Mr Beattie's words were meant in the kindest possible way, I'm sure, but don't forget that it depends where you put the emphasis on the sentence. 'Apparently' can also mean 'Ha! We'll have to wait and see, won't we?'
See I told you I was humbled and frightened.
Otherwise I think it's great.

Col B said...

Ah, yes. Sarcasm: the lowest form of wit. I didn't read it like that though and in the context of all else he wrote I'd air on the positive interpretation, mate.