Sunday, 20 March 2016

The New Joe Hunter Thriller - No Safe Place

The new Joe Hunter thriller will soon be available in ebook, paperback and hardback editions. (Publication date is 31st May 2016)

This is the eleventh in the series for those who like to read their series' in order, but is pretty much a standalone adventure, that sees Hunter expanding his detective skills.


From the best-selling author of "Dead Men's Dust" 

The New Joe Hunter Thriller (Book 11) 

Who does Andrew Clayton turn to for help when his wife has been murdered, his child is in danger, 
and the police think he is responsible? 

Despite his mistrust of Clayton, Joe Hunter accepts the job of protecting young Cole. But who is he protecting the boy from? And why? 

It's clear Clayton knows more about his wife's killer, but he isn't saying. And when his silence places Cole
in the killer's sights there's...No Safe Place 

The ebook edition is now available for pre-order at the low price of only £2.99, before it reverts to its full price after 31st May 2016, so now would be a good time to grab your copy via the link below:

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