Friday, 6 November 2015

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

TEMPUS: The Phoenix Man by Matt Hilton

Now available on Kindle:

High-concept, speculative fiction all delivered in a rip-roaring action adventure, from the best-selling author of the Joe Hunter thrillers. 

What if everything we thought we understood about the nature of time was wrong? 

In the nuclear devastated landscape of London, James Rembrandt delivers law and order with a firm hand and uncompromising resolve. In his violent world it takes a violent man when dealing with cannibalistic scavengers. But Rembrandt was never born to the hellish Old City: he is a man out of time and place, but even he doesn’t know it. 

When he is snatched from death, and deposited in an alternate time and dimension, he has finally come home. But he has returned to a place alien to him, and a world suddenly on the verge of destruction when a wormhole tethered between dimensions begins merging both Earths. Our world is about to be consumed, and the future of mankind relies on Rembrandt. He must again transvect, this time to avert the war that destroyed his parallel world, and seal the planet destroying breaches. He has already died once: he could die again. But what is one man’s worth compared to that of billions? 

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