Monday, 9 September 2013

#6 in the Kindle best seller charts - Dead Men's Dust

I mentioned a week or so ago that my UK publisher, Hodder and Stoughton, had decided to put out the ebook of Dead Men's Dust at the special low price of 99p (on and i thought great stuff. I should get a few extra readers from this.

What I didn't expect was for the book to soar up the charts to the number 6 best seller position, and number 3 in the best selling thriller books, just behind stellar author Lee Child's latest Jack Reacher novel Never Go Back. Briefly it even knocked Gillian Flynn and Peter Robinson out of contention for the top spot, and nipped at the heels of JK Rowling.

Was I stunned? You betcha!

Now this isn't about the money. I won't see anything from any of those sales. But what it means to me is the exposure that the best-selling chart position will bring, and surely this will mean that more and more people will become aware of the Joe Hunter books as a result. I'm over the moon. I'd love to see Hunter get more recognition, and hope this is just the little boost he needed.

If you are a Joe Hunter reader/fan (and if not why would you be here?) please help him continue his onward march. If you know someone who hasn't tried a Hunter book yet, maybe they don't want to commit to a full priced book, then tell them this is a great opportunity while the price has been slashed. If every one told even one friend, then that's double the exposure.

I thank you friends for the continued support. Without you, I wouldn't be in this happy position now. And neither would Joe Hunter.


Graham Smith said...

Great stuff. It's about time you and joe got a fraction of the recognition you both deserve.

Dean Crawford said...

Awesome news Matt! Promotions like yours work wonders on Amazon, as I've been learning recently with my own ventures. I'd push your publisher to maintain one of your books permanently at that price for Kindle, and let the other books earn the revenue as awareness of your brand spreads.

Nice to be at the top :)

Cathy Westminster said...

Well done Matt - I've never met Joe Hunter before, but a week ago I hadn't even known of Reacher either. Only when listening to Elaine Charles host of the Book Report radio show interviewing Child did I cotton onto a series I'm shocked not to have stumbled upon sooner. Can't you try to get onto some interview and review shows? I suppose it isn't merely as easy as knocking on the studio door...