Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Karl Malden's Bobble Nose, Lee Child and Daffodils

Have you ever stopped to wonder if you're using the correct titles on your blog entries to ensure that you get the most visits/hits. Funnily enough I try to be witty with my titles but it never fails to amaze me (when checking my statistics) that the most visited entries are some with quite obscure meanings to them.

It's probably no surprise that anything with 'Lee Child' in it will get numerous hits. Lee's a terrific author with zillions of followers. Not that I'm saying I name drop lee, i don't. This is only the second time (that I recall) using his name. Saying that though, it's not the post that does name Lee in the title that gets the most hits.

My most popular blog post is one I titled 'Karl Malden's Bobble Nose' - about my lack of prior knowledge about San Francisco prior to a visit - and one that mentions 'Daffodils'.

Who knew that either Bobble Noses or Daffodils could be such helpful marketing tools?

(I've put the three terms in the title of this blog purposefully, to see if suddenly it becomes my most visited blog entry: I'll let you know)

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