Tuesday, 21 February 2012

On Writing Joe Hunter

I was recently asked to write an article on writing the Joe Hunter thrillers for top class crime fiction/review site SHOTSMAG, and the article is now up here: http://www.shotsmag.co.uk/feature_view.aspx?FEATURE_ID=196

In it I talk about inspirations (some you might guess, some you might not), my writing day and style, and how Joe Hunter was born, and has grown and changed over the past seven books. Hope you enjoyed the read and learn something new.


Mosher said...

A nice little read, and thanks for reminding me of David Morrell. I used to love his stuff and had thought he'd "retired" until I just looked him up on Wikipedia!

The Holmes books are worth reading, or at least the earlier stuff. It gets a bit samey after a while though.

Author said...

Yeah, David Morrell is still around going strong. He has consistently published books over the last few years, although some of them have been somewhat outside the genre he's known for. But he is still very active and continues to produce top books. All are well worth checking out.