Friday, 27 January 2012

Long v Short

I recently guest blogged at Kindle and talked about the difference (for me) of writing short Joe Hunter stories as opposed to full length novels. Take a shufty here if you';d like to read what i had to say on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Matt - great blog on the short-story format. Having read your Joe Hunter: Six of the Best I found them a fun-filled 'filler' while waiting for your next full-lengther. You more than fulfilled the intention to keep true to the fast-paced ride guaranteed by the full Hunter novels. The 'Six' was one of the most enjoyable pieces of escapism I've had for a long time, particularly so when your blog puts in context your reason for doing them. With two full-length novels under my belt I've turned with trepidation to a short story which I'm hoping to develop into a series (to sandwich between my longer stuff). Your book and blog provides inspiration. Many thanks.

Author said...

Thanks Joe, it's kind of you to say so. Really glad you enjoyed the Hunter short stories as much as you did. I enjoy writing the shorts as you could probably tell from my blog. Often I'll write shorts as a way of getting past 'writer's block', often in a different genre. There's a skill to writing a short - not sure I've got it right yet - but I'd encourage all writers to have a go. You really do learn a lot about pace, story construction, characterisation and such from developing short stories. Go for it, I'd say.