Sunday, 10 April 2011

'Big Bopper' or 'Matt the Knife'?

Over at the fabulous Absolutely*Kate's amazing site AT THE BIJOU her Rat Pack Review is in full swing and I couldn't resist. Have you ever guessed what author intrusion I'm guilty of: if not take a peek over and find out. You might be definitely won't let me near a karaoke mic again.



We're sending the sound crew over next week Mr Hilton. Did you want the suit with the flashy bow tie?

Honoured to have your Author Intrusion as authors' delight AT THE BIJOU, where writers' raves become readers' faves . . . rather like the Joe Hunter six pack of good reads I've been hearing so much about in WebTowne.

~ Absolutely*Kate,
likin' the sound of Matt the Knife around you -- you can dance to it

David Barber said...

A great piece, Matt. Left a comment over there.