Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dead Men's Harvest - Spoiler Alert

Don't read this if you don't want to know the secret behind Joe Hunter 6...

OK, the secret is out.

An old nemesis of Joe Hunter is back by popular demand in the forthcoming Joe Hunter book - Dead Men's Harvest. It's some 269 days until publication on 4th August 2011, but already the synopsis of the book is popping up at the various bookseller sites. It's therefore apt that I share it with you, my faithful readers and supporters. So here it is:


The Harvestman is back! And determined to wreak revenge on Joe Hunter. When Rink is ambushed by a team of highly skilled killers, Joe is pretty sure his friend is being used as bait. And the intended prey is Hunter himself. Joe has to go 'off radar' to rescue his friend. Their deadly game of cat and mouse reaches its climax on the rusty hulk of The Queen Sofia, a slave ship moored off the North Carolina coast where Joe's ex-sister-in-law is being held hostage. Against overwhelming odds, and amid a ferocious storm, Joe comes face to face with his old enemy Tubal Cain.

But before we even get to DMH, you've got 'Blood and Ashes' to look forward to where Joe will make some other terrifying enemies. Blood and Ashes will be released on the 3rd February 2011, so it will be with you all very soon.


Glaznost said...

Can't wait mate, publish faster, damn you! :)

DeAndre Robinson said...

Looking forward to it Matt.

Matt Hilton said...

I was hoping to keep this a bit of a secret, but hey ho!

DeAndre Robinson said...

Lol yeah man the cat got let out of the bag way to early. There have been some hints dropped that he was coming back but I wasn't certain until now. I'm glad book 5 comes out soon because its gonna be a grueling wait for book 6 to come out.

Matt Hilton said...

I agree. It seems like ages to me since Cut and Run was released, and the wait for BAA has me on pins (English expression!).
Hope you all like the new book.