Thursday, 16 September 2010

'Choose and Book' chooses Slash and Burn

I was very pleased to come across the unsolicited review of Slash and Burn above. It's a very genuine, from-the-heart-review that left me smiling with pride.
I don't know the name of the reviewer, but would like to say thanks anyway. So if you read this...thank you.


Lee Hughes said...

No wonder you were left grinning. Bet it's a greater feeling to get a review from someone off their own back who is already a fan and just had to say something about it. Good going.

Matt Hilton said...

It certainly does feel good. It's nice when a writer realises that people are reading and enjoying his work, so much so that they then tell others.
Great stuff.

Emily said...

Hi Mr Hilton

I'm very pleased and pleasantly surprised to find that you've found my blog and read my review about your book. I started the blog just for the fun of it and didn't realize that anyone was reading it. Many thanks! With best wishes, Emily

Matt Hilton said...

Hi Emily,
thanks for dropping by. I really do appreciate it when people like yourself do unsolicited reviews of my books because they tend to be genuine and from the heart.
I'm sure that many more people will be reading your blog than you realise.
Have you thought of adding a feedjit app to your blog to see where people are coming from? Or a stat counter.
Also, I've noticed a new tab with all the stats when you go to the blogger dashboard where it gives you a breakdown of all your visits etc. Good to see, and it tells you which are your most popular blogs, so it can help identify which are attaracting more readers.
All the best and thanks again

Emily said...

Mr Hilton

Thanks for the suggestion. I will get round to it, it's a great idea. I really appreciate your comments but then it's a great book thus the review! Best wishes, Emily